Master the photography at FAMU in Prague.

Master the photography, medium that revolutionized the world over and over again, at FAMU in Prague.

Admission Procedure Time Schedule:

1 July 2020 – Deadline for submitting applications
3 July 2020 – Deadline for sending off portfolio
15 July 2020 – First round of the admission procedure
22 July 2020 – The second round


Doc. Štepánka Šimlová
Coordinator of English Program
Department of Photography FAMU
Smetanovo nabř. 2
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 234 244 311


FAMU is the fifth oldest film school in the world. Its graduates include many influential filmmakers and scriptwriters, many of whom are known internationally as Oscar winners and laureates of international film festivals. The Department of Photography was founded in 1975 which makes it one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Europe. The school is located right in the historical center of Prague. Our unique specialization is the interconnection of classical photography techniques with contemporary multi-media trends.


The Department of Photography offers a Bachelor Program and Master’s Program in Photography in the English language. The BA Photography program is open to students without an academic background in photography. Students studying in the English language have also the opportunity to participate in the lectures in the English language in the FAMU International Program. The students also have the possibility to work in the studios led by renowned teachers.

History and Theory:

Courses in history and theory of photography, film, art and visual culture represent an important part of the study of photography at the Department of Photography, FAMU. Lectures and seminars mainly serve the purposes of putting things in context and strengthening students’ creative practice; they teach critical thinking, research practices, and the basics of handling academic texts in the fields of humanities and social sciences. In addition to instruction provided by Department’s key teachers, focusing primarily on the history and the present of technical images, students can attend also other courses at FAMU that are focused mainly on the history of Czech and world cinematography and culture.


• Studio Tabletop is equipped with Sinar type large-format cameras with a film format of up to 18 × 24 cm, including digital alternatives. • Studio for life photography has a flash lighting system with above standard power of 12 000Ws; it has a Hasselblad camera with a digital back, and an analog camera Mamiya RB 67 with a set of interchangeable lenses. • Studio Portrait and Figure offers similar equipment as above and the possibility to create an endless background. • Computer room and a room for scanning films (negatives and positives) are available in the school. For more demanding work there is the scanner Hasselblad Flextight × 5. • The out of Prague studio in Beroun enables students to focus on their work for several days, providing on-site accommodation facilities. It offers studios equipped for large and medium formats and two darkrooms. • We are also preparing a classical studio with daylight, which will have an 18 × 24 cm camera.

Culture Life:

An integral part of the school character is the interconnection with the dynamic cultural life in Prague. The school has its own gallery in the center of Prague. The gallery has a rich program of student’s exhibitions. We assist international students in the integration into the regular gallery activities in Prague, which means they often participate in exhibitions in renowned galleries. A unique benefit is our interconnection with the FAMU film department in areas such as direction, camera, and editing. Together with our students, we regularly participate in important European festivals of photography. Within the scope of our programs, we cooperate with photography and film schools all over the world.

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